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PPRPPower Plant Research Program (est. 1971; Maryland Department of Natural Resources)
PPRPPan Pacific Retail Properties (real estate investment trust; Vista, CA)
PPRPPro Patria and Res Publica Union (Estonian political group)
PPRPPrivate Practice Refresher Program (Law Society of Upper Canada)
PPRPPurex Productivity Retention Plan
PPRPProfessional Performance Review Plan (education)
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According to the earlier version of PPRP, a Crisis Management Committee and a Pandemic Intervention Committee were to be established as soon as the threat was perceived to be at our doorsteps.
The PPRP (either version) could not be systematically implemented for want of a public health infrastructure that reaches out to all parts of the country (6).
Epidemiological data are essential only to fine tune governmental responses, the framework of which was already available in the PPRP.
In accordance with the PPRP, the community counseling practicum student's faculty adviser (the lead author) was notified of his advisee's problem at the practicum site because of the seriousness of a misconduct allegation.
According to the PPRP, serious student misconduct was grounds for immediate dismissal from the program.
Aware of the concerns, the academic adviser took an opportunity at the first required advising meeting to remind the student of the remedial intent of the action taken and of the signed agreement to comply with all PPRP standards.
En esta modificacion al modelo de Coopeland, Koller y Murrin 2001 se busca incluir en el calculo de la PPRP solamente la parte que efectivamente se duplica en el calculo, es decir, si en la prima de mercado esta incluida la prima por riesgo crediticio, esta afectara el retorno esperado del activo solamente en el factor [beta], y por lo tanto, para eliminarlo debe restarse tambien multiplicado por [beta].
Similar al anterior, pero donde la PPRP se define como la diferencia entre la prima por riesgo de los mercados de valores y la prima de mercado, una "prima de primas".
El modelo tiene las mismas debilidades que otros modelos al incorporar la PPRS en vez de la PPRP, y de los que utilizan la informacion del mercado de valores del pais emergente.
If the PPRP team had done a little more homework, though, its members might have asked the same question: Is phased product development friend or foe?
If Phylo's PPRP team had kept an open mind with regard to product development architecture, it may have adopted the purchasing manager's recommendation.
Ironically, the PPRP team at Phylo implemented the right architecture for the wrong reasons.