PPRRPrevention, Preparation, Response, Recovery (crisis management)
PPRRPersistent Programming Research Report
PPRRPikes Peak River Runners (Colorado)
PPRRPrincipal Project Resident Representative (UN)
PPRRPony Pony Run Run (band)
PPRRPerfect Pets Rodent Rescue (Oklahoma)
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Table 1 illustrates the overall performance of each artifact removal algorithm in terms of PPRR and CM, while Table 2 presents their respective performances in terms of the quality of the resultant breast images (SMR and SSIM).
From Table 1, the Average Subtraction and Rotation Subtraction algorithms fail to effectively remove the artifact, as indicated by the fact that these algorithms have the lowest PPRR values.
PPRR recalls that, when they started their performing career, they played gigs without earning a dime.
If such prejudices exist in Mother France, they didn't keep PPRR from accumulating a string of successes.
A constructivist learning process applied with crisis management integrated into the courses ensures revisiting the PPRR components in various contexts.
Further, Section 200 provides the authority to make regulations respecting the storage, notification, reporting and PPRR measures to be taken for any substance so listed.
80 CR SSE [[degrees]CA] Start = 180 or stability limit End = PPRR (+) limit (>15 bar/[degrees]CA) or combustion efficiency limit (<80%) CR fuel pressure [bar] 450 Engine speed [RPM] 2000 Mean piston speed [m/s] 6.