PPRSPharmaceutical Price Regulation Scheme (UK)
PPRSPrime de Participation à la Recherche Scientifique (French: Premium Participation in Scientific Research)
PPRSPerformance Planning and Reporting System (pest management and pesticide safety)
PPRSPetroleum Production Reporting System
PPRSPasadena Paranormal Research Society
PPRSPersonality Profile Reporting System
PPRSPromotions & Placements Referral System
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But the distribution of births (the "parity progression ratio" or PPR) also matters: A society could have an average of two births per woman if half of all women had four children and half had none, and this would look very different from one in which all women had exactly two children.
pharmaceutical firm unsatisfied with the PPRS price can choose to sell
Furthermore, it also asks to determine the applicability of PPRs on boards and universities.
The reforms are intended to update and improve the existing statutory price control mechanism, which currently tracks the cost of branded pharmaceuticals to the NHS for companies that do not otherwise participate in the voluntary Pharmaceutical Price Regulation Scheme (PPRS).
Effect of NAC on the Circulating Levels and Expression of Costimulatory Molecules on mDC1s and pDCs: Blood Levels and Expression Lower in PPRs. After 8 cycles of NAC, those women whose breast cancers showed a PPR had significantly lower levels of blood [mDC1s.sup.high] (p = 0.048) and [pDCs.sup.high] (p = 0.017) and expression of HLA-DR (p = 0.001, p = 0.023, resp.), when compared with the blood levels of HFDs.
Research Systems NGOs: Nongovernmental organizations OFSP: Orange-fleshed sweet potato PPRS: Plant Protection and Regulatory Services SARI: Savanna Agricultural Research Institute SWOT: Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats SPVC: Sweet potato value chain UNICEF: The United Nations Children Fund WIAD: Women in Agriculture Development WV: World Vision International.
This brings us to the PPRS, PPL, PREC, and CINENQ box scores.
David Watson, Director of Pricing and PPRS, Association of British Pharmaceutical Industry will be presenting on: The UK pricing and reimbursement landscape.
Using a specific aggregation and evaluation benchmarking process, CHE subsequently creates different absolute and relative performance partial rankings (hereafter PPRs) to derive the individual research profiles and the final research strength of a BuS.
He said that the SEF had invited the submission of expression of interest (EOIs) for the establishment of new primary schools in Sindh under the phase VI of the Promoting Private Schoolings in Rural Sindh (PPRS) program.