PPRSPharmaceutical Price Regulation Scheme (UK)
PPRSPrime de Participation à la Recherche Scientifique (French: Premium Participation in Scientific Research)
PPRSPerformance Planning and Reporting System (pest management and pesticide safety)
PPRSPetroleum Production Reporting System
PPRSPasadena Paranormal Research Society
PPRSPersonality Profile Reporting System
PPRSPromotions & Placements Referral System
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This also means the NHS loses out on the level of savings anticipated in the PPRS agreement.
So, considering all of the available information--and having demonstrated that the runs-scored numbers given in the PPRS, PPL, PREC, and CINENQ box scores are accurate--Billy Hamilton actually scored two runs in the June 15 game (not three runs as shown on the ICI sheets).
Last month, the Minister directly recognised the value of the PPRS payments to Wales when he announced that some of the money would allow the evolution and expansion of the All Wales Medicines Strategy Group (AWMSG), which determines the clinical and cost-effectiveness of medicines and whose positive recommendation, after Ministerial ratification, should ensure a medicine is funded within NHS Wales.
Nearly PS30million is predicted to flow into the health pot between this year and 2018 via the PPRS which is supposed to be spent on the use of innovative new drugs.
Researchers from the World Bank, Columbia University, and the RAND Graduate School (Barrera-Osorio, Blakeslee, Hoover, Linden, & Raju, 2011) recently conducted an evaluation of the PPRS project.
Nonetheless, it is fair to say that the announcement raised a few eyebrows in the industry, coming so quickly on the heels of the OFT's market study on the PPRS, and involving a distribution market that hadn't, until relatively recently, excited much debate in the UK.
It recommended replacing the current PPRS, where companies can set the initial prices of drugs under a maximum level of profits, with a "patient-focused value-based pricing scheme".
The PPRS regulates the pharmaceutical prices and profits of branded drugs in the UK for the National Health Service (NHS).
John Fingleton, OFT chief executive, said: "This report provides a comprehensive assessment of the PPRS and identifies a number of areas where the scheme could be improved.
La PPRS incluye el riesgo crediticio implicito en la prima de los bonos soberanos y los bonos del pais de referencia.
PPRS focuses on developmental and internal reinforcements, regardless of the reward system.
Restated to exclude this PPRS effect, sales for the full year 2012 were up 11.