PPRTPlan de Prévention des Risques Technologiques (French: Map of Technological Risk Prevention)
PPRTProgram Pembangunan Rakyat Termiskin (Malay: Development Program for the Extremely Poor)
PPRTPartial Product Reduction Tree
PPRTPermanent Primer Replacement Topcoat
PPRTProblem Property Resolution Team
PPRTPharmacy Practice Research Trust (UK)
PPRTPersonal Property Replacement Tax
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The PPRT offers skills to medical professionals that aid in managing stress, which leads to a restructuring of thoughts from a perspective of helplessness or negativity to an empowering attitude with a positive outlook.
Do medical professionals who attended the AMEDDC&S PPRT course value the training?
This study used a convenience sample of 172 professionals (82%) from a total of 210 medical professionals who attended the PPRT course.
The vast majority of the participants in this study found the PPRT valuable.
The total hours trained is consistent with the PPRT course.
Given the recent findings of the analysis of fatigue and burnout in MEDCOM, (13,14) more doctors and enlisted personnel should be encouraged to attend the PPRT.
While the levy, which represents approximately 54% of general fund revenues, is projected to remain stable for the foreseeable future, PPRT receipts have declined during the recession.
The district will face closing the budget gap while managing declining PPRT revenue and the expected loss of 280 temporary stimulus funded positions.
Works for the management of the circulation of Pn114 within the framework of the PPRT of the company NYRSTAR - rD 420, from PR 0 + 0000 to 2 + 0554, in the territory of the commune of Auby (earthworks, laying Scabbards, gates, variable message signs and traffic lights).
The 2002 fiscal year, while still experiencing weak PPRT collections, is expected to have balanced operations by year-end and will not include a capital program contribution from reserves.