PPRTVProvisional Peer Reviewed Toxicity Value
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(C) Distribution of composite uncertainty factors (UFs) applied across RfDs, depending on source (IRIS, Integrated Risk Information System; OPP, Office of Pesticide Programs; ATSDR, Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry; PPRTV, Provisional Peer-reviewed Toxic Values; HEAST, Health Effects Assessment Summary Tables).
(5.8) PPRTV (Provisional The PPRTV database is similar to Peer-Reviewed Toxicity Value) IRIS in serving as a source of database (EPA); toxicity values, notably to address http://hhpprtv.ornl.gov chemicals and exposure durations for which an IRIS value is not available, and a need for a provisional value has been identified.
For the toxicity category, in addition to the recent online availability of the EPA PPRTVs [18], the IRIS database [17] now provides additional toxicity information that can be used to assess chemical mixtures.
* RfD and NOAEL: IRIS [right arrow] OPP [right arrow] PPRTV [right arrow] ATSDR [right arrow] CalEPA [right arrow] HEAST