PPRUPediatric Pharmacology Research Unit (US NIH)
PPRUPolicy Planning and Research Unit (UK)
PPRUPersonnel Policy Research Unit
PPRUPackaging and Polymer Research Unit
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Estimates of non-response and ineligibility from the 1989 PPRU Surveys of Disability were also applied, producing an estimated total initial sample size of 12,000 households.
The following table summarises the disability domains included in NISALD as well as those included in comparable studies both in Northern Ireland (specifically the 1990 PPRU study) and internationally.
Source Custodian Disability Information PPRU Northern NISRA Disability was defined as "the Ireland restriction or lack (resulting Disability Study from an impairment)of ability to (1989/90) perform from an impairment) to perform an activity in the manner or within the range considered normal for a human being ...
Smith, January 1992, PPRU Survey of Disability Report 1: Prevalence of Disability Among Adults in Northern Ireland, Policy Planning and Research Unit, Statistics and Social Division.
PPRU research leader Donna Gibson says that these studies underscore a wider focus at Ithaca toward gaining a better understanding of genetic and environmental factors driving nematode and virus disease dynamics.
The support of the FDA in mandating pediatric labeling will play an important role in providing the motivation to manufacturers to work with the PPRUs, as well as clinicians and researchers in academic settings to study both new and established drug therapies in children.