PPS3Planning Policy Statement 3 (UK)
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Yet, the amended PPS3 definition contains no savings for garden land where housing development would not have any adverse amenity impact.
The scrapping of the minimum density target for developments could further intensify the need for new greenfield land releases and by removing this clause in PPS3, the Government is effectively sanctioning the construction of lower density new developments which will only exacerbate the current shortage in housing land.
The PPS3 and PPS4 regressions estimate it to be a little less than 1 (about 0.
GVA Lamb and Edge has created a targeted group with planning, development and public sector specialists specifically to help all those who will be involved with the implementation of PPS3.
PPS3 calls for local authorities to focus on good design, affordable family housing, and tougher environmental standards as they affect their localities.
Although draft PPS3 is an improvement on PPG3 in that it at least proposes a range of densities which vary by location, it does so only by substantially increasing the range of densities overall.
Regional planners have been battling to curtail a growing exodus of people from urban to rural areas, but warn the new draft policy PPS3, issued by the Office for the Deputy Prime Minister, could undermine these efforts.
PPS3 does not provide detailed guidance on car parking levels like PPG3.
Other 'standards'-related responses to draft PPS3 dealt with density, parking, life-time homes, and eco-standards.
PPS3 and the National Brownfield Strategy, which were launched on the same day, are aimed at tackling those obstacles in the planning system which restrict the numbers of suitable sites for the types of homes families need.
Now three years on from stepping down as Chief Planning Inspector and speaking entirely independently, he gave a thoughtful, reflective and considered overview not only of draft PPS3, but also of the suite of related guidance, the draft 'Planning Gain Supplement' proposals and the Government's response to the Barker Review of Housing Supply.
The new provisions in draft PPS3 to identify growth points along with the gradual introduction of sub-regional spatial plans could provide the frameworks needed without more complex and often fruitless legislation.