PPS9Planning Policy Statement 9 (UK)
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Nevertheless, PPS9 draws attention to the clear distinctions that should continue to be made between the hierarchy of international, national, regional and locally designated sites.
First, the 1940s legislation distinguished between geology and physiography (geomorphology), and this distinction could have been carried through into PPS9. Geology is generally regarded as referring to rocks, whereas geomorphology is the study of landforms and the processes that form them.
Local geodiversity action plans (LGAPs) (3) have been produced for at least six areas of England, and there therefore seems no reason not to call PPS9 Biodiversity and Geodiversity Conservation.
In draft PPS9 they are treated rather differently and separately.
Strange, then, that draft PPS9 is silent on the use of statutory limestone pavement orders.
So, despite the change of title, draft PPS9 retains the old biocentric approach to nature conservation.
Draft PPS9 encourages the planning system to enhance biodiversity in new developments, but there is a danger that in so doing developers will propose remodelling of landform in order to increase habitat diversity.
2.3(i)), but given the new title of PPS9, this should read 'biodiversity and geodiversity objectives.'
There are several encouraging statements in draft PPS9. For example, local authorities are encouraged to maintain up-to-date information about the biodiversity and geological resources of their areas (para.
www.odpm.gov.uk/stellent/groups/ odpm_planning/documents/page/ odpm_plan_030964.hcsp (PPS9) and www.odpm.gov.uk/stellent/ groups/odpm_planning/documents/ page/odpm_plan_030967.pdf (Circular)
It's revision (PPS9) should seek policy improvements that are more in line with the standard set by policy ER5 of the North West RPG.
Although key barriers were acting together to prevent this, the new planning system based on local development frameworks and the new PPS9 have the potential to increase the development of ecological frameworks.