PPSAPhilippine Practical Shooting Association
PPSAPennsylvania Political Science Association
PPSAPlanned Parenthood of Southern Arizona
PPSAProfessional Photographers of San Antonio
PPSAPort Of Plymouth Sailing Association (UK)
PPSAPhysician Placement Service of America
PPSAParallel-Plate Slot Array
PPSAPipeline Pigging Products and Services Association (UK)
PPSAPulp and Paper Safety Association
PPSAPersonal Property Security Act (Canada)
PPSAPower Plant Siting Act
PPSAPigging Products and Services Association (UK)
PPSAPennsylvania Patient Safety Authority
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PPSA improves the size, cost, efficiency, flexibility and reliability of electronic power converters.
Later certificates were distributed among the participants where Director General PPSA Miss.
Shell could ask for authorisation to use the entire reservoir, dividing up the production from it with the PPSA, that represents the government as owner of part of this deposit," a source with direct knowledge of the subject said.
The PPSA increased its profile in the urgent matters related to private psychiatry, and the State Employed Special Interest Group (SESIG) was focused on establishing a workable essential drug list (EDL).
PPSA provides for penalties for the companies for noncompliance: a minimum payment of $1,000 per violation, with the total capped at $125,000 per year, and a minimum penalty of $10,000 per violation for the willful failure to submit this information, with the total capped at $1,000,000 per year.
Indeed, the determination of what property and/or income is exigible to satisfy a judgment debt in New Brunswick requires reference to the Memorials and Executions Act, the PPSA and the Garnishee Act, while factoring in the specific exemptions created by the Pension Benefits Act and the Insurance Act.
Dans un jugement unanime rendu par le juge Binnie (98), la Cour se prononce donc sur la portee des definitions relatives aux termes << bien >> dans la LFI et << bien immateriel >> et << bien personnel >> dans la PPSA.
AEP asserted a breach of contract claim against TEMI seeking to recover as damages the amount of the Termination Payment as calculated over the remaining term of the PPSA.
The PPSA is a state agency with a mandate to find ways to reduce medical errors but has no enforcement powers.
Specifically, the PPSA would mandate drug and device companies to disclose anything given of value to physicians, whether given directly by the manufacturer or through a third party.
In a March 2006 advisory, the PPSA said it had received more than 100 medical and medication error reports that cited the use of propofol.
AF & PA, along with PPSA, will cross-train OSHA personnel and industry safety and health professionals in effective approaches for reducing safety hazards in the industry.