PPSCPunjab Public Service Commission (Pakistan)
PPSCPublic Prosecution Service of Canada (Canada)
PPSCPolice Policy Studies Council
PPSCPublic Policy Steering Committee
PPSCPublic and Preparatory Schools Camps (North Wales, UK)
PPSCProvincial Project Steering Committee
PPSCPurchase Public Service Corporation (Kentucky, USA)
PPSCPanAtlantic Petroleum Systems Consortium
PPSCPhysical Profile Serial Code
PPSCPinoy Pen Spinning Community (Philippines)
PPSCPocono Paradise Social Club (couples club; Wind Gap, PA)
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PPSC Chairman said all regional offices of the PPSC were working day and night for the convenience of the candidates.
The PPSC Deskbook states "Crown counsel may not release a legal opinion, refer to it, or describe it in any fashion to defence counsel or the public unless the privilege has been waived or it meets the 'innocence at stake' threshold".
See PPSC DESKBOOK, supra note 33, at 6 ("Fairness also means that the Crown should honour all negotiated plea or sentence agreements unless fulfilling the agreement would clearly be contrary to the public interest.
He also directed to submit proposals for shifting PPSC to some other place on permanent basis and said that shortage of the members will soon be removed.
We used a one-way analysis of variance to evaluate whether confidence level on the PPSC was positively associated with four categories of reported suicide-response training or experience: (a) no training or experience, (b) training in program (suicide response, assessment, or procedures), (c) training or experience outside program, and (d) both b and c.
25 The Minister refused the appellants' requests for this information, stating that he had provided the appellants with all of the materials which he had considered in making the decisions on surrender, with the exception of legal advice, and that he had not been provided with a copy of any PPSC assessment.
These products will be available at a special rate to PPSC members.
37) Despite their inclusion in part VI of the Act, the deceptive marketing practices offences are considered part of the mandate of the Fair Business Practices Branch, which is to promote "truth in advertising", even if actual prosecutions are handled by PPSC lawyers.
of the PPSC as follows: "[T]he commission is directed to examine
They alleged widespread corruption within the PPSC had resulted in their rejection.
On the other hand, removing the ovaries and fallopian tubes was associated with no cases of PPSC.