PPSGProtein and Peptide Science Group
PPSGPolice Performance Steering Group (UK)
PPSGProfessional Photographic Society of Greensboro
PPSGPosture Planning Steering Group
PPSGPredicted Program Super-Imposition Graph
PPSGPost Polio Support Group (Ireland)
PPSGPolicy and Plans Steering Group (US DOC)
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We organized the press conference to shed light on the upcoming mega trade event -- Saudi PP (Plastics & Petrochem) & Saudi PPSG (Print, Pack, Sign and Graphics) 2011," he said.
Reenergized advertising spend in the Middle East is driving huge demand in various printing products and services," said Kamil Al Jawhari, project manager of Saudi PPSG at Riyadh Exhibitions Company.
Saudi PPSG aims to bring in solutions that can help printing, packaging, signage and graphics companies streamline their operations and costs, while delivering the highest levels of quality to a very demanding local market," he added.
PPSG will issue three report cards during the life of the grant that grade states on their pain policies.
The report card issued by PPSG will be essential to clarify where pain management disparities remain, so they can be addressed.
17-20: Saudi PPSG, Riyadh International Exhibition Centre.