PPSIProject Preventie Seksuele Intimidatie (Dutch: Sexual Harassment Prevention Project; Utrecht, Netherlands)
PPSIPounds Per Square Inch
PPSIPetroleum Philatelic Society International
PPSIPaint Product Stewardship Initiative (est. 2005; Product Stewardship Institute)
PPSIPharmacists Planning Service, Inc. (health care; California)
PPSIPrinting Press Services International (UK)
PPSIPorous Polyethylene Sheet Implant
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At 60 weeks, PPSI 100 response rates --that is, clear palms and soles--were 60%-70% in the various ixekizumab-treated groups.
In business for over 25 years, PPSI delivers roll-fed and conveyor-based inkjet printing equipment and inks to the printing and packaging industry, and to major brand-owners.
Several studies of family-focused preventive interventions, including those conducted at the PPSI, illustrate how the effectiveness of interventions can be evaluated and supported.
PPSI is spearheaded by the Product Stewardship Institute, a national nonprofit organization that works in partnership with government, business and other stakeholders to reduce the health and environmental impacts of consumer products.
In order to allow for "cost-shifting," MCGEN was accounted for both separately and as multiplied by PPSI.
For a comparison of hospitals' available beds, ADCS, and ratios during the period from PPSI through PPS7, data from the cost report files were used.
And whereasall PPSI hospitals averaged a total of 18 claims per year and project wide during the baseline period, that number dropped to 10 in 2009 and is trending to be at 8 in 2010.
Tenders are invited for procurement of hydrated lime for PPSI and PPSIII bawana and GTPS
In Moody's opinion, the payment obligations represented by the securities to be issued by PPSI III are ranked pari passu with other senior, unsecured debt issuances of the Government of Indonesia.
Accura Carding Elements are interchangeable and available in a wide range of PPSI to suit the fibres being processed and are colour coded for instant identification web catcher.
With its experience in combining innovative technology with conventional printing and finishing processes, Topflight turned to PPSI to supply a custom-designed DICEweb system to provide digital printing capability inline with one of its more than 20 flexographic presses.
By late 2007, the coatings industry, through the ACA [then the National Paint and Coatings Association (NPCA)] was ready to move forward with a program and signed a PPSI Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in anticipation of the establishment of a nationally coordinated system for managing post-consumer paint.