PPSLPredator Primary Satellite Link (communications terminal for a predator unmanned aerial vehicle)
PPSLProgram Parts Selection List
PPSLPush-Pull Slot Loading (consumer electronics)
PPSLPreferred Parts Selection List
PPSLPole Pilote de Securite Locale (French: Pilote Centre for Urban Security)
PPSLPulsed Photo-Stimulated Luminescence
PPSLPeninsula Parishes Schools League (San Mateo County, CA)
PPSLParts Program Selection List
PPSLProvisioning/Program Parts Selection List
PPSLPure Pwnage StarLeague
PPSLPrecision Processing Services Limited (UK)
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PPSL Corporate Social Responsibility has been embedded in the foundation of our business.
Gadkari is at the centre of a raging controversy over funding of PPSL with media reports claiming that major investments and large loans to Purti were made by Ideal Road Builders (IRB) group, which had won contracts between 1995 and 1999, when the BJP chief was PWD minister in Maharashtra.
Limited research exists regarding PPSL within counselor education, and the majority of that research has examined student counselor outcomes.
Scholars have contrasted PPSL with practicum training within the counselor education literature.
Despite recent articles that specifically detailed PPSL practices in counselor education (e.
The dollar decrease is primarily due to lower commissions, the elimination of the selling expense due to the sale of PPSL, and an overall reduction in headcount.
The dollar decrease is primarily due to eliminated general and administrative expenses due to the sale of PPSL and partially offset by higher legal expense in the current year period.
loss of sales generated in the prior year period by PPSL.
The level of active compounds and the traceability are guaranteed thanks to in-house analysis (HPLC, HPLC-MS, PPSL, GC, GC-MS, ICP, NMR, pesticides, Microbiology .
The dollar decrease was primarily due to lower commission expense due to lower sales volume and eliminated selling expenses of $41,000 in the current quarter due to the sale of PPSL effective December 1, 2001.
The dollar decrease is primarily due to the sale of PPSL, which had general and administrative expenses of $124,000 in the comparable quarter of the prior year.
The new laboratory not only focuses on the analysis of functional components, heavy metals and microorganisms, but also is equipped with PPSL (pulsed photo stimulated luminescence screening system), which was designed and developed at Scottish Universities Research and Reactor Center to provide an opportunity for effective detection of irradiated foods using a rapid instrumental method.