PPSNParallel Problem Solving from Nature (International Conference)
PPSNPersonal Public Service Number (Department of Social and Family Affairs; Ireland)
PPSNPublic Packet-Switched Network
PPSNPresent Position
PPSNPre-Plant Soil Nitrate Test
PPSNPublic Policy and Service Network (UK)
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The CSO looked at work activity during 2013 for 320,246 foreign nationals aged 15 and over who got a PPSN card since 2002.
Elimination of a position pattern was observed in the NNN-74 condition of Experiment 1, when reward memories and temporal correlates were changed, and in the transfer test used by Capaldi and Miller (2001) from PSN to either SN or PPSN, which featured changes in the number of positions.
A CSO spokesman said: "The analysis of the PPSN allocations and the P35 returns clearly shows a majority of non-Irish nationals receiving PPSN do not remain in the country in the longer term.
Parallel Problem Solving from Nature PPSN IV, 4th International Conference, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol.
The site encourages users to enter significant personal data, including PPSN and Laser or credit card details which is very worrying.