PPSNParallel Problem Solving from Nature (International Conference)
PPSNPublic Packet Switched Network
PPSNPp Sequence Number
PPSNPersonal Public Service Number (Department of Social and Family Affairs; Ireland)
PPSNParasitology and Public Health Society of Nigeria
PPSNPublic Packet-Switched Network
PPSNPresent Position
PPSNPre-Plant Soil Nitrate Test
PPSNPublic Policy and Service Network (UK)
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The PPSN partner in Yemen, meanwhile, helps CSO support international efforts to end hostilities, increase ceasefire-preservation mechanisms, enhance the viability of peace negotiation and mitigate the risk from those trying to delay or derail the peace process.
PPSN states: "Israel's use of administrative detention violates international law; such detention is allowed only in individual circumstances that are exceptionally compelling for imperative reasons of security."
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However, it follows a line of related workshops and tutorials, for example, several workshops on configuration and selection of algorithms (COSEAL), the workshop on automated selection and tuning of algorithms at PPSN 2012, the Bayesian optimization workshops at NIPS 2012, NIPS 2014, the AutoML workshop at ICML-14, and the tutorial on algorithm selection and configuration at AAAI-13.
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