PPSPPeer-to-Peer Streaming Protocol (computing)
PPSPPlanned Parenthood Southeastern Pennsylvania (Planned Parenthood Federation of America)
PPSPPower Plant Siting Program
PPSPPremium Payment Service Plan (various companies)
PPSPPontius Pilate Sales Pitch (band)
PPSPPost-Production Support Plan
PPSPPaycorp Plc
PPSPPayment Solutions Company (stock symbol)
PPSPPre-Production Security Plan
PPSPPolicies, Procedures, Standards and Practices
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PPSP Tracker Protocol, draft-gu-ppsp-tracker-protocol-06, October 2011 (expires: May 2012).
The planned study was a controlled, randomised, triple-blind clinical trial to assess the combination of spinal anaesthesia and intraoperative ketamine infusion on the prevalence of PPSP at six months following TKA.
Our measure of PPSP, in the months following surgery, was the pain sub-scale component (WPS) of the Womac [TM] (Western Ontario and MacMaster university Osteoarthritis) Index (10).
An increase in pain-free outcome in the ketamine arm was demonstrated by the De Kock et al (1) and Lavand'homme et al (2) studies whose primary outcome was a reduction in prevalence of PPSP.
The prevalence of no PPSP following TKA, using a validated knee scoring system with data collected prospectively, has not been published.
Ketamine has several actions that have created interest in its use as a pre-emptive anti-hyperalgesic agent for the prevention of PPSP.
PPSP social service staff provide crisis intervention, support, and referrals to students in Youth First schools.
PPSP staff work closely with school personnel to ensure continuity of care and consider students' and families' needs.
They also receive postcards on such subjects as puberty, healthy relationships, teen pregnancy, decision making, and STDs/HIV, and communicate with PPSP staff.
PPSP staff train teachers to use STEPS companion materials; facilitate meetings with instructors to generate appropriate responses to specific behavior and/or discuss classroom management; and ensure that schools adhere to district sexual harassment policies and follow mandated reporting procedures.
Any questions concerning this PPSP must be received in writing to Chris Sander, Contract Coordinator at tel: 608-785-5511, fax: 608-793-6567, email: csander@lacrossecounty.