PPSQProgram for Patient Safety and Quality
PPSQPoultry Products Safety and Quality
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We used t-test to analyse whether there is difference in BDI scores when compared according to age (years), number of pregnancy, number of birth, number of children, and PPSQ score.
Significant parametres for independent variables (education of women, family type, satisfaction with marital life, perceived social support, wanted pregnancy, planned pregnancy, trimester of pregnancy, age of women, number of pregnancy, parity and children and PPSQ score) were examined using stepwise multiple regression analysis.
The regression analysis showed four factors to affect AD as follows: lower education level of women, unplanned pregnancy, lack of social support during pregnancy and higher total score of PPSQ. The descriptive strength of this model was determined to be 0.244 ( Table-3).
PPSQ with weight-average molecular weight of 5.09 X [10.sup.4] was synthesized by ourselves (11,12).
Similar phenomena are observed in [C.sub.60]-doped PS, PMPS and PPSQ. After several hours, the PL peaks shift from 718 nm to 619 nm ([C.sub.60]/PMMA), 723 nm to 636 nm ([C.sub.60]/PS) 752 nm to 682 nm ([C.sub.60]/PMPS), and 751 nm to 634 nm ([C.sub.60])/PPSQ).
At the Initial stage of laser Irradiation, the order of the increase rate is PMPS [greater than] PMMA [greater than or equal to] PS [greater than] PPSQ. At the final stage, it becomes PMMA [greater than] PS [greater than] PMPS [greater than] PPSQ.
For [C.sub.70]-doped PPSQ, the broad peak at 703 nm shows more broadening and almost no shift during the whole process of laser irradiation, but its intensity increases with laser irradiation time.
The means for males and females on the seven PPSQ scales are presented in Figure 1.