PPSRPersonal Property Securities Register (Australia and New Zealand)
PPSRPeter Pan Speedrock (Dutch band)
PPSRPersonal Property Security Registration (Canada)
PPSRpeople, places, situations: response
PPSRprivacy, protection, survivability, and recoverability
PPSRPractical Problem Solving Report (DaimlerChrysler)
PPSRPeriodic Personnel Strength Report
PPSRProcurement/Production Status Report
PPSRPost Production Support Review
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Australian experience of those engaged in PPS leases in other industries, which has led to the recent change in the definition of a PPS lease, (52) suggests that artists and art organisations are particularly vulnerable where they fail to recognise that their own interest in an artwork constitutes a security interest, renders them a secured party and requires them to protect themselves through the making of an effective registration on the PPSR.
2012) idea that citizen science expand its meaning to explicitly include citizenship practices, in formal and informal science education domains, I use PPSR to present a perspective on the current scope and outcomes from the ISE field.
PPSR project goals are formed at the intersection of scientific and public interests, and PPSR learning outcomes have been of intense interest to the ISE field.
In addition, it may be relevant to consider including the ability to register charges on the PPSR to better protect your business.
The PPSR allows the creditor to register a financing statement that contains information about a security interest.
What's worse, if they do not have valid registration on the PPSR they risk a 'double whammy'--not only do they lose the customer who has gone into liquidation but they also lose the stock which they had supplied and hadn't been paid for.
Learn about the online services of the Companies Office, PPSR and Insolvency & Trustee Service.
Look at registering your interest over goods provided to your customers on PPSR (The Personal Property Securities Register is an electronic register where information about security interests in personal property can be recorded).
The PPSR is an online register that records information about security interests in personal property and was developed as part of the Personal Property Securities Act 1999.
The PPSR should be used to mitigate business risk--not just to recover bad debts when a customer is placed in liquidation or receivership.
Michael Arthur, a partner at Chapman Tripp, f says the PPSR was established under The Personal Property Securities Act.
b) The standard terms of trade that suppliers of goods operate under should be updated to deal with the ability to register charges on the PPSR.