PPSSPolicy and Program Studies Service (US Department of Education)
PPSSPost-Production Software Support
PPSSPositron Public Safety Systems (various locations)
PPSSPersonnel Policy Support System (Civil Service Commission; Seoul, South Korea)
PPSSProspective Pediatric Scoliosis Study (Spine Institute of New York)
PPSSPhotonic Packet Switching System
PPSSPacific Pines State School (Gold Coast, Australia)
PPSSPendidikan Perwira Sumber Sarjana (Indonesian: Bachelor of Education Officer Resources)
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The PPSS suggested substituting guaranteed lending for direct lending.
The effort associated with PPSS activities on a system is affected by a number of basic variables, including (but not limited to) size of the software program, type of software employed, changes required, and complexity of the software system.
In the Brockmann body, the predominate pattern observed was that some islet cells expressed only PPSS I mRNA while other cells expressed only PPSS II mRNAs.
The integration of the SkyRanger sUAS and SpotterRF demonstrates the ability of PPSS to accommodate individual sensors and cameras to meet the changing needs of an irregular perimeter, said Nick Gibbs, managing director, Rockwell Collins Australia.
Robert Kaiser, CEO of PPSS Group, said: "The potential applications for our exceptional cut resistant fabric are endless.
Robert Kaiser, CEO of PPSS Group proudly states: “Using Cut-Tex[R] PRO has helped us to design, develop and manufacture some of the most durable cut resistant clothing out there.
The PPSS initially created the generally accepted scheduling principles (GASP), eight tenets for building, maintaining, and using schedules as effective management tools, to serve as the governance mechanism for the PPSS.
In a policy brief accompanying the report, PPSS found that providing low-income schools with comparable spending would cost just 1% to 4% of the average district's total school-level spending.
PPSS I mRNA was measured using a quantitative slot-blot technique in which in vitro synthesized cRNA standards were blotted onto a nylon membrane along with sample RNA.
British body armour firm PPSS Group have announced the set-up of their PPSS Canada branch, based in Toronto.