PPSTPre-Professional Skills Test
PPSTPostScript Processing Speed Test (printer testing program)
PPSTPro-Poor Sustainable Tourism
PPSTPortland Parks Swim Team (now Portland Aquatic Club; Oregon)
PPSTProgram in Plasma Science and Technology (Princeton University; Princeton, NJ)
PPSTPostScript Printer Speed Test
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The PPST will be the basis for all learning and developmental programs for teachers to ensure that they are properly equipped to effectively implement the K-12 program.
The PPST basically aims to: 1) set the clear expectations of teachers along well-defined career stages of professional development from beginning to distinguished practice; 2) engage teachers to actively embrace a continuing effort in attaining proficiency; and 3) apply a uniform measure to assess teacher performance, identify needs, and provide support for professional development.
The PPST defines teacher quality in the Philippines.
The PPST professional exam, mathematics and a low grade point average are barriers for many who want to become teachers.
Passing rates and score data indicate that on every one of the admission and certification tests being used across the country (including the SAT, ACT, PPST Praxis I, Praxis II and other state customized tests) African American, Hispanic, Asian American and Native American candidates score disproportionately lower than white candidates and are, therefore, all disproportionately eliminated from the teaching profession.
Herman van Eijkelenburg, director of marketing at PPST, parent company of Pacific Power and Adaptive Power Systems (APS), discussed various battery simulation solutions.
Pool and colleagues (2004) examined TPPs in three types of institutions--highly selective, selective, and regional state university--and found a strong positive relationship between SAT and PPST scores among the three institutions, 0.
Consulting Services : The TA will engage individual international and national consultants to form the PPST.
Although all pairs of academic achievement indicators correlated with one another as expected (highest correlations between parts of the PPST, lowest between GPA and ACT), these bivariate analyses provide no indication that entry into and persistence in educational careers is predictable by these measures of readiness and achievement.
The PPST, developed and published by the Educational Testing Service (ETS, 1986), consists of a battery of three subtests designed to provide objective, standardized measures of essential proficiency in reading, mathematics and writing (Goodison, 1985).
One source of pressure for high cutoff scores is seen in a comment by an Atlanta Constitution writer (Cumming, 1998) who was aware that the State of Georgia would soon raise the qualifying scores required on the PPST for teacher licensure in that state.