PPSUPersonal Protective Security Unit
PPSUPersonal Printer Spooling Utility
PPSUProfessional Porch Sitters Union (est. 1999)
PPSUPropellant and Pressurant Servicing Unit
PPSUPatient Positioning Sensor Unit (radiology)
PPSUProvincial Program Support Unit (Canada)
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Radel PPSU can withstand over 1,000 autoclave cycles without significant loss of properties.
Medical & healthcare sector currently is the largest consumer for sulfone polymers or polyarylsulfones, such as PSU and PPSU and further contributes to the growth of these polymers.
Segmentation by type and analysis of - PSU, PEI, PESU, PPSU
com), is supplying its Paryls brand of PSU and PPSU and expects to commercialize polyethersulfone (PES) before year's end.
With the advent of more expensive materials such as PEI [polyetherimide] (Ultem) and PPSU [polyphenylsulfone] (Radel), resistance to repeated autoclaving was increased significantly, albeit with a significant increase in material cost as well," Carbone explained.
Ultem resin outperformed PPSU in its ability to withstand several types of sterilization processes, including autoclaving.
bonds to PC, PBT, PPO PEEK and PPSU engineering thermoplastics;
Here values of f for PMMA, PPSU, and PVDF are from sliding wear under a 5 N applied load (based on the fact that f is independent of load within the range tested (11)).
Stratasys materials previously compatible with the 900mc are ABS-M30, PC, and PPSF / PPSU (polyphenylsulfone).
Meanwhile, Solvay just announced that its closed-cell TegraCore PPSU foam has obtained qualification from Airbus SAS for use in applications ranging from ducting to sandwich-panel components requiring excellent resistance to fire, impact, and chemicals.