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Figure 17-1 shows an example of a well-managed herd with 23 PPSY. This herd average PPSY is composed of 2.3 litters per sow per yr and 10.0 pigs weaned/sow.
Farrowing rate contributes significantly to PPSY. Herds with 80% or greater farrowing rate are more successful.
FARROWING RATE NEEDED SOWS 100% 1,000 90% 1,111 80% 1,250 70% 1,333 60% 1,667 Litter size contributes importantly to a high number of PPSY, but less so than does nonproductive days.
Herds with a high PPSY tend to have a higher average parity, lower sow mortality, more than two matings/service, and a preweaning mortality of less than 14%.
HERD PROFILE FOCUS IMPROVEMENTS ON All herds Lower wean age, increase average parity and matings/service Low PPSY Breeding techniques: Farrowing rate and nonproductive days Medium PPSY Breeding techniques: Farrowing rate and nonproductive days Litter size High PPSY Breeding techniques: Farrowing rate and nonproductive days Litter size Preweaning mortality SETTING PRODUCTION TARGETS--22 PPSY TODAY, 30 PPSY TOMORROW
Modern pig production units should wean at least 22 PPSY. Producers have the technology to do better than 22 PPSY, but this level remains a challenge on most farms.
The four main factors that contribute to PPSY are litters per sow per yr, total pigs born, stillborn rate, and preweaning mortality.
With 12 pigs born and low preweaning mortality and low stillborn rate, the farm can wean over 25 PPSY. In fact, with less than 10% preweaning mortality and fewer than 1.0 stillbirths/sow, the farm will wean over 23 PPSY.
On a given farm, if the litters per sow per yr was 2.3 and the number born alive was 11.0 pigs per sow, what would the PPSY be if preweaning mortality was 20% or 10%?
How many more weaned pigs would be produced on a 1,000-sow unit by lowering the preweaning mortality of a farm doing 20 PPSY with a 15% (or average) preweaning mortality of 7.5%?
Provide some example target values for number of pigs born total and born alive, stillbirth rates, and preweaning mortality for a herd that weans 24 PPSY.
TABLE 18-1 Example Farms That Reflect a Range of Productivity From Poor to Good and the Effects on PPSY (pigs weaned per sow per yr).