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PPTPower Point File format/extension (Microsoft)
PPTParts Per Thousand
PPTParts Per Trillion
PPTProgram Properties Table (MVS Operating System)
PPTPeople's Party of Timor (East Timor)
PPTPacific Prevailing Time
PPTPositive Partial Transpose
PPTProcessing Program Table (CICS)
PPTPink Poogle Toy (website)
PPTPrecision Position Tracker (optical tracking system used in virtual reality)
PPTPrincess Peach Toadstool (Mario Games)
PPTPlanning & Placement Team
PPTPunkter Per Tomme (Norwegian: Dots Per Inch)
PPTProgram Processing Table
PPTPerformance Price Tradeoff (government contracts)
PPTPupil Personnel Team
PPTPulse Pair Timing
PPTPrecision Pad Technology
PPTPersonally Procured Transportation
PPTPermeability Plugging Tester (drilling industry)
PPTProduction Prove-out Test
PPTPost Production Test
PPTPartners for Public Transportation
PPTPrinciples and Parameter Theory
PPTPhysical Prototyping Team
PPTProduct Positioning Time
PPTPass Prediction Table
PPTPartial Prothrombine Time
PPTPapeete, French Polynesia - International Tahiti-Faaa (Airport Code)
PPTPetroleum Profit Tax Act of 1959 (Nigeria)
PPTPlunge Protection Team (nickname; Working Group on Financial Markets)
PPTProgram Planning Team
PPTPresidential Prayer Team
PPTPaid Part-Timer
PPTPatria Para Todos (Homeland for All, political party)
PPTPostponed (baseball)
PPTPersonal Property Tax
PPTPlanned Parenthood of Toronto
PPTPercentage Points (financial reports)
PPTPressure Pain Threshold
PPTPrecision Pressure Transducer
PPTPre-Paid Tuition (various locations)
PPTPublic Policy Team (various organizations)
PPTPrimitive Pythagorean Triple (ordered triple of relatively prime integers that satisfy the Pythagorean theorem)
PPTPresident Pro Tempore
PPTPeak Power Tracker
PPTPre-Production Test
PPTProcess Project Teams
PPTProgram Performance Test
PPTPropagation Prediction Tool
PPTPaper and Pencil Test (various organizations)
PPTPacific Play Tent
PPTPackage Peak Temperature
PptPrecipitate (chemistry)
PPTProprietary Push Technology (computing)
PPTProfessional Poker Tour
PPTPutting the Pieces Together
PPTPulsed Plasma Thruster
PPTPublic Pay Telephone
PPTPersonal Productivity Tool (usually meaning a personal computer)
PPTPowered Pallet Truck
PPTPersonal Protective Technology (US CDC)
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Within the framework of their Corporate Social Responsibility programme, PETROLINA and its subsidiary PPT Aviation Services Ltd continue to support TELETHON in recognition of the work carried out by the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics.
The contact angle measurements used to evaluate the surface wettability of PPT were performed by the sessile drop method were carried out using Kruss Easy Drop system (DSA20).
Smart PPT Converter Pro now allows users to record the presentation directly on a DVD, saving the time and eliminating the need to use additional DVD creation software.
Notably, the prevalence of PPT in women with type 1 diabetes is threefold greater than in the general population; postpartum TSH screening is recommended at 3 and 6 months.
According to the company, BatchOutput PPT is a new addition to the Zevrix BatchOutput family of products, which enables users to: automate output from Word without the need to open each document manually; automate output to PDF with virtual printers such as Adobe PDF, CUPS-PDF and others; e-mail, fax, and output multiple Word documents to other formats using appropriate virtual printers; use the same settings from Word's Print dialog; as well as add files from the system dialog or by drag-and-drop from Finder.
A final point of symmetry regarding price-takers is that just as the market-determined product price must at least equal the value of minimum average variable cost to insure an incentive for a loss-minimizing ppt to remain open, the market-determined wage must be no greater than the value of maximum average revenue product to insure the same for a loss-minimizing rpt; only if these conditions hold will the firm--ppt or rpt--be able to cover its total variable cost and thus be able to insure its loss (or negative total profit) is less by remaining open than shutting down.
The levels were still less than 1 ppt, but they were enough to trigger ongoing testing that began this fall.
It has been collected at temperatures from 6 to 35[degrees]C, and salinities from 0 to 75 ppt (Robinson & Buchanan 1984).
As shown in exhibit 1, PPT is computed by dividing processing time by the total time the product spends in a particular segment of the factory.
To date, the main academic and policy arguments have focused on the economic issues of PPT, but Dr Harper's report provides analysis of the topic in a broader context, which involves a number of factors in addition to pure health economics.
Tenders are invited for Job work for engagement of Trainer cum life guard and watch and ward at Swimming Pool of GKS, PPT