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PPTAPlasma Protein Therapeutics Association
PPTAproject preparatory technical assistance
PPTAPost Primary Teachers Association (New Zealand)
PPTAPost Primary Teachers' Association (New Zealand)
PPTAPublic-Private Transportation Act of 1995
PPTAPennsylvania Physical Therapy Association
PPTAPennsylvania Public Transportation Association
PPTAParkes Pulsar Timing Array
PPTAProfessional Property Tax Appeals (Michigan)
PPTAProfessional Platform Tennis Association
PPTAPersistent Primitive Trigeminal Artery
PPTAPoly Phenylene Terephthalamide
PPTAPhilippine Physical Therapy Association, Inc.
PPTAPeripheral Percutaneous Transluminal Angioplasty
PPTAPre-Physical Therapy Association
PPTAProbabilistic Prefix Tree Acceptor
PPTAPiece Part Thermal Analysis
PPTAPrairie People Tourism Association (Kansas)
PPTAPay Period Tax Adjustment
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However, to the best of authors' knowledge, a complete understanding of the kinetics of rheological changes during PPTA polymerization is still missing.
to both PPTA and PPEA (70) updated the "operate" definition to
With widespread disease and malnutrition as the two main issues being faced by the flood victims, Lotte PPTA distributed food bags each containing Rice, Flour, Sugar, Pulses (Dal), Cooking oil, Dry Milk, Tea, 1.
PPTA has received a legal opinion that CMS can adjust the payment through a rule or some other administrative mechanism.
CTB advanced the proposals to privatize the highway construction, which were then submitted to the PPTA advisory panel for review and selection.
The monetary contribution by Lotte PPTA is aimed at extending support to the affectees and facilitating efforts for providing immediate relief in the shortest possible time.
Twaron and Kevlar fibers contain monoclinic crystalline form of PPTA with c-axis, preferentially oriented along the fiber axis.
However, many differences are supposed in the morphological structure or orientation of the molecules in the noncrystalline region between the PPTA film and Kevlar arising from the different formation processes.
Tenders Are Invited For Provision of toilet at both end of platforms of A1 & A category station including Divyang facility at A1 class station in Danapur Division (PNBE = 10nos, BXR = 02nos, RJPB = 01nos, PNC = 01nos PPTA = 01nos i.
As these resources are expected to be insufficient to finalize the due diligence (particularly technical, environmental, and procurement), this PPTA is sought to complete the necessary project due diligence and enhance project readiness.