PPTBPerisai Petroleum Teknologi Bhd. (Malay: Shield Petroleum Technology, Ltd.)
pptbPounds Per Thousand Barrels (oil & gas industry)
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Comparison of subjects with NPTB, PPTB and DPTB: (A) FEY,; (B) IC; (C) D[L.
Baseline characteristics according to PTB category NPTB (N=31) PPTB (N=34) Age (years) Mean (range) 62.
Previously, the company's board had announced the acquisition of shares in SJR Marine (L) Ltd (SJR) from PPTB and the acquisition of shares in SJR.
In connection with the initial acquisition, PPTB was granted an option to sell to the company (the put option) all of its equity interest in SJR (which currently amounts to 51.
PPTBs have the advantages afforded by embedded mesh, including greater tensile strength, improved shape and memory, and easy visualization on postoperative CT imaging.
PPTBs, with their ability to be precisely contoured, are ideal for recreating the complex three-dimensional bony anatomy of the bony orbit.