PPTCPotomac Pedalers Touring Club (Washington, DC)
PPTCProspect Park Track Club (Brooklyn, NY)
PPTCPacific Pain Treatment Center (San Francisco, CA)
PPTCPremium Personal Trainer Club (Germany)
PPTCPolymetric Positive Temperature Coefficient
PPTCPreparing Personal Taxation Computations
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Compared to similar protection devices on the market, MHP-TAT18 Metal Hybrid PPTC Mini-Breakers with thermal cut-off can handle higher currents in a smaller, thinner form factor, said Amy Chu, product manager, Electronics Business Unit at Littelfuse.
A representative for PPTC told the BBC they were "committed to working proactively and constructively towards a common assessment".
Zhu, pointed out that the company's shipments of ALD type of PPTC device have increased at double to triple rate to 30 million units a month relative to last year, generating 25% of the company's monthly revenue, up from last year's 10%.
When the current or temperature of a motor winding rises above a certain value, the PPTC device trips and limits current to a low level, preventing damage to the motor, and a trip to the repair shop.
PPTC devices provide net cast savings through reduced component count and reduction in wire size.
Raychem offers the broadest range of PPTC devices for the widest range of applications.
the global leader in circuit protection, today announced its new resettable PPTC (Polymer Positive Temperature Coefficient) resistor series.
A Laboratory Quality Management course was provided by the PPTC in August 2017 at its centre in Wellington, and the following three students attended:
Catholic schools are using the PPTC GL method from the Post Primary Transfer Consortium, part of the Granada Learning Group, which sets a 50-minute English test and 45-minute Maths test.
As shown in Figure 1, polymer-enhanced Zener diode micro-assemblies incorporate a stable Zener diode for crisp voltage clamping and a resistively nonlinear PPTC layer.
The TSM600-250 incorporates two matched, low-resistance PPTC components in a single device, yielding balanced protection on tip-and-ring lines with minimal attenuation of data transmission.
The PPTC and its Board of Governance wish to thank the New Zealand Red Cross for its continued support in providing an annual scholarship for one nominated Pacific Island student to attend our Blood Transfusion course scheduled for November of each year.