PPTLPleomorphic Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma
PPTLPostoperative Postpartum Tubal Ligation
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Of these, 8 underwent another PNE while the remaining 5 (3 after first attempt, 2 after second attempt) underwent the installation of the PPTL after having showed a temporary initial improvement.
Of the 62 patients with a successful PNE, 45 (73%) underwent the implantation of the PPTL, while 12 patients (19%) underwent the open procedure.
One patient, even though he showed no improvement after the PNE despite having the adequate motor and sensitive response, was implanted with the PPTL.
Many centres prefer PPTL as a screening tool because it is thought to be a better predictor of progression to IPG than the PNE.
Richard and colleagues used an interesting approach looking at the PNE as an adjunct to the PPTL and the implanted pulse generator implant.
Additionally, the authors discuss the prospect that using this three-stage approach may reduce the overall cost of SNS, as the cost of the PPTL staged approach is significantly less than a PNE.