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PPTPPoint to Point Tunneling Protocol
PPTPPresidencia Pro Tempore Paraguaya (Spanish: Paraguayan President Pro Tempore; Paraguay)
PPTPPublic Policy Training Program (Asian Development Bank)
PPTPProgram Performance Test Plan
PPTPProgram Performance Test Procedure
PPTPPylorus-Preserving Total Pancreatectomy
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Sobre este aspecto, es de resaltar que el PPTP tiene algunas particularidades: fue financiado en su totalidad por la cooperacion internacional y, en este sentido, sus formas de funcionamiento respondieron en gran medida a otras logicas que no eran exactamente las del gobierno que lo creo (PPTP, 2010, pp.
Marlinspike's advice to businesses and VPN providers was to stop using PPTP and switch to other technologies like IPsec or OpenVPN.
11 n; cuatro puertos LAN auto MDIXa 10/1,000 Mbpsy un puerto WAN; protocolos PPPoE, PPTP o L2TP; soporta modosAP y bridge; tres antenas externas incorporadas; firewall con NATy SPI; soporte de UPnP (Universal Plug & Play) yALG; SSID inalambrico; seguridad WEP de 64/128 bits, WPA/ WPA2 y WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK.
PRINCIPALES CARACTERISTICAS: Servidor Syslog, DDNS, reenvio de puertos, VPN IPSec, puerto para conexiones a modem ISDN, soporte para multiples tuneles IPSec, PPTP y L2TP, configuracion por interfaz Web
For example, Microsoft's implementation of PPTP requires that the encryption key (MPPE-key) be returned as part of the authentication process--most RADIUS servers don't do this.
With the iPass standards-based service for Internet connectivity, combined with PPTP, remote users are able to use the Internet to gain access to IDB Systems' corporate network.
The software includes a stateful packet inspection firewall and VPN management, with hardware acceleration supporting up to 15 VPN tunnels, and includes support for L2TP, PPTP, GRE, IPSec, and VRRP.
Users connect to Infonet, establishing a PPTP connection into the Harman Frame Relay network.
Multiple VPN options including SSL, PPTP and IPSEC VPN access allows for easier operation among our users," said Mr.
VPN support includes all the main bases with IPSec, L2TP, and PPTP connections supported.