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PPUPeace Pledge Union (UK)
PPUPicture Processing Unit
PPUProfessional People in Urbe
PPUPortable Pilot Unit (Microsoft)
PPUPhysical Planning Unit (Grenada)
PPUPeoples Potential Unlimited (record label that reissues vinyl records)
PPUPending Pick Up
PPUPlease Pick Up
PPUPeripheral Processor Unit
PPUPrvi Partizan Uzice (Serbian ammunition company)
PPUProtocol Processing Unit
PPUPre Purification Unit
PPUPosition Pick-off Unit (aviation)
PPUPost Processing Unit
PPUPre Processor Utility
PPUPixelpushers United (pixel art commune)
PPUPrimary Place of Usage
PPUProduction Prototype Unit
PPUProgramme de Prévention Urbaine (French)
PPUPay Per Use
PPUPreproduction Unit
PPUPalestine Polytechnic University
PPUPortable Production Unit
PPUPacket Pick-Up (racing events)
PPUPublic Protection Unit (UK)
PPUPhysics Processing Unit
PPUPrime Power Unit
PPUPlastic People of the Universe (band)
PPUPowerplay Unit (hockey)
PPUPostpartum Unit
PPUPrice Per Unit
PPUPower Processing Unit (solar electric propulsion)
PPUProcurement Policy Unit (UK)
PPUPoint Park University (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
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La pertenencia a la promocion ingresante 2006, la sede hospitalaria de internado y el orden de merito segun el PPU fueron factores asociados a obtener una calificacion mayor o igual a trece en el ENAM 2012, existiendo otros factores no asociados como el sexo, el numero de asistencias a la capacitacion y simulacros.
Based on a Stimulus-Organism-Response (SOR) framework by Belk (1975), we have constructed a research framework by examining how missing promotion situations (stimulus) influence PPU and negative emotions (organism), which in turn affect consumers' behaviors (responses).
He too joined the PPU, published a widely read pamphlet on absolute pacifism in autumn 1936 titled The Case for Constructive Peace and finally left for the US in 1937, disillusioned by the evident contradiction presented by anti-war campaigners endorsing war.
Face aux inquietudes sur le suivi et la mise en ouvre exprimees alors ainsi que la requete de la societe civile d'etre associee a l'elaboration des PPU, la sequence qui irait du plan d'urbanisme aux PPU puis aux projets s'y inscrivant eventuellement, a ete inversee : la ville a encadre, accompagne le promoteur, plus qu'elle n'a planifie.
Through adoption of the regulations regarding the procedures for designing, implementation and evaluation of public policy at central level the PPU ensures that all ministries will comply the requirements to develop public policy proposals in a specific format for all major legal acts prior to their drafting.
The volume includes a p[bar{a}]da index of both the VAV and the PPU (pp.
EPO offers an ERP-like approach to personnel and time-management functions in communications and media, engineering, consultancy and accountancy companies, and PPU recently introduced a thin-client option which allows users to provide access to the applications via the web.
The PPU has recently been successfully reviewed by the National Police Improvement Agency.
Mari-Ann says that she has agreed to run in order to help the PPU ticket: "It is important that our party, whose members played a leading role in the restoration of Estonian independence after 50 years of Soviet occupation, win at least one seat.
CHILD sex monster Frederick Harrison is exactly the type of person Merseyside's PPU would track when he comes out of prison.
In the last financial year, PPU had net assets of pounds 570,000 and produced a profit before tax of pounds 209,000.
Investigaciones sobre informatica en el centro Julio Cabero Almenara y otros PPU, Barcelona, 1993 463 paginas.