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PPVPay Per View
PPVPoly (Phenylene Vinylene)
PPVProfessionele Project Verhuizers (Dutch brand for professional usiness movers)
PPVPeople Powered Vehicle
PPVPre Production Verification
PPVPatent Procesus Vaginalis
PPVParent Path Vector
PPVProduct Platform Validation (software/hardware)
PPVPost Production Verification (software development)
PPVPower Price Vector
PPVPoint of Peak Velocity
PPVProduct/Process Validation Vehicle (General Motors automotive)
PPVPrice Point Variance (financial management)
PPVPeak Particle Velocity (mining)
PPVPoints Plus Value (Weight Watchers)
PPVPositive Predictive Value (parameter of diagnostic examination in medicine)
PPVPositive Pressure Ventilation
PPVPrivate Passenger Vehicle
PPVPurchase Price Variance
PPVPer Page View (web site services billing)
PPVPublic-Private Venture
PPVProduct Price Variance (economics)
PPVPublic Passenger Vehicle (legal classification; various locations)
PPVPedal-Powered Vehicle
PPVPars Plana Vitrectomy
PPVPneumococcal Polysaccharide Vaccine
PPVPages Per Visitor
PPVPulse Pressure Variation
PPVPorcine Parvovirus
PPVPolice Package Vehicle
PPVPlum Pox Virus
PPVPolice Pursuit Vehicle
PPVPneumococcal Pneumonia Vaccine
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The aim of the study was to compare the mean change in Central Corneal Thickness (CCT), Corneal Endothelial-Cell Density (CED), Anterior Chamber Depth (ACD) and Axial Length (AL) after repair of RRD by PPV and SB.
For a set of 65 seismic events, for which PPV values were measured in near field, a similar empirical equation was determined by Mutke (2007, 2008) for coal mines in Upper Silesia, Poland:
20 patients with PPV (10 women; mean age 51 [+ or -] 13 years; mean height: 1.
For the first time, the Tahoe PPV is offered with 4-wheel-drive (4WD) capability.
PPV provides pretreatment of industrial and commercial wastewater and sludge, while its subsidiary Bravo provides vacuum trucks, infrastructure maintenance and inspection, and other services, to a wide variety of municipal, industrial and commercial customers in the Pacific Northwest.
If that was not enough of a difference between a traditional electric scooter, the Go-Ped PPV also has a wireless remote on-off key, known as the GoKey, for improved security in urban environments.
Intrathoracic pressure has been known to increase in patients with raised intra-abdominal pressure and the Trendelenburg position (10) Accordingly, the usefulness of PPV and SVV, which are affected by changes in intrathoracic pressure, in predicting fluid responsiveness during laparoscopic surgery under these conditions may be questioned.
Ultrasonography had a sensitivity and NPV comparable to those of CBE, but a higher PPV of 66.
Chairman of Optometry Wales, Mike George, said: "It's a great opportunity for colleagues in Wales to meet the PPV team.