PPVCPresidential Payment Verification Committee (Nigeria)
PPVCParker Price Venture Capital
PPVCPikes Peak Volleyball Club (Colorado Springs, CO)
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Addition of rice husk into the composite had increase the brittleness of rice husk/recycle PPVC composite because of the porosity of rice husk that has been explain before.
Figure 4 shows flexural strength of rice husk/recycle PPVC composite.
The flexural modulus of rice husk/recycle PPVC composite for 30% rice husk loading drop because of the weak compression force.
Rice husk loading really affect the tensile and flexural properties of rice husk/recycle PPVC composite.
at 200 [degrees] C for PPVC and PPSC, on the one hand, might be explained by the different entanglement states of the two blend components.
As shown in Table 1, the dynamic viscosities [Eta][prime] of PPSC and PPVC are 2230 and 1268 Pa [center dot] s at 200 [degrees] C and a frequency of 0.
On the basis of the analyses above, it could be understood why, at 200 [degrees] C, the behavior of the PPVC melt is not the same as that of the PPSC melt.
frequency [Omega] that for PPVC and PPSC at 230 [degrees] C: [Mathematical Expression Omitted]; for PPVC at 200 [degrees] C: [Mathematical Expression Omitted]; whereas for PPSC at 200 [degrees] C: [Mathematical Expression Omitted].