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The peace process involving the government and the communist National Democratic Front (NDF), as well as another involving the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) is among the issues in which PPVR is seeking active involvement.
The PPVR exercise ended in December 2011 after survey teams had interviewed almost 1 million Afghan refugees, about 65 per cent of the total Afghan refugee population in Pakistan.
The PPVR report indicates that the majority, 70 percent, of Afghan population are under the age of 18, and that most were born and raised in Pakistan.
Neil Wright, Representative UNHCR in Pakistan said, that, the PPVR provides us with rich and extremely detailed comprehensive data on socio-economic issues, migration patterns, investor potential and other needs for nearly one million individual Afghan refugees.
The survey called PPVR is designed to identify the needs of Afghans in Pakistan by collecting data on their social and economic conditions.
PPVR would get the data of business men refugees and family monthly income and after that Afghans refugees would be categories.