PPVTPeabody Picture Vocabulary Test
PPVTPusat Perlindungan Varietas Tanaman (Indonesian: Plant Variety Protection Office)
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Table 1 Participant Characteristics Participant Gender Age PPVT Diagnosis LDY F 20 6:1 Autism SWN M 21 3:0 Autism DNL M 19 2:11 PDD RBG M 20 5:1 Autism HDS M 21 7:11 PDD AEA * M 17 2:7 Autism Note.
2006) (outlining the correlation between PPVTs and IQ_scores but noting that the PPVT cannot substitute for an IQtest).
Paternal bookreading at 24 months predicted children's language skills, as measured by PPVT scores at child age 36 months.
Second, almost one fourth of studies using the PPVT did not clearly describe the score used in statistical analyses.
Paired t-test and ANCOVA also were applied to analyze the PPVT results.
These patterns of student-teacher interactions may have contributed to the limited growth in students' receptive and expressive language, as measured by the PPVT and EVT (see Tables 1 and 2).
Also eliminated were any children missing a value for the PPVT test, which dropped the sample size to 2,436 children (or 68% of the cycle 6 infant cohort).
Reasoning about experience) Table 2 Correlations between children's rhyme, alphabet, receptive and expressive language and speed of word naming Rhyme Alphabet PPVT HPNT Speed Rhyme 1 Alphabet .
The PPVT was adapted for Turkish use by Katz, Onen, Demir, Uzlukaya, and Uludag (1974).
Informal quarterly classroom educator observations were also cross-tabulated with the data from PALS and PPVT 4 to help the classroom team target interventions for specific children as needed.
The PPVT measures receptive vocabulary and is frequently used to measure language acquisition in the early years (Wright et al.