PPVTPeabody Picture Vocabulary Test
PPVTPusat Perlindungan Varietas Tanaman (Indonesian: Plant Variety Protection Office)
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Before we move to describe children's performance on the PPVT, it should be noted that significant attrition occurred in our sample between the kindergarten and 1st grade years (see Table 2).
For some pregnancies, the PPVT score may be measured following the event, because all scores are measured at the same time (Wave 1 data collection).
5) indicator (a) Adjusted for psychometrician, age at assessment, sex, child care, breast-feeding, maternal education, depressive symptoms, and PPVT.
Table 1 Correlation between end of preschool children's in-class behaviour and their receptive (PPVT) and expressive (HPNT) language scores, n =157 Rowe Behaviour Scores HPNT PPVT Antisocial .
The women's PPVT scores were below the expected standardized average of 100(mean[+ or -]SD = 86[+ or -]21).
PPVT III = Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test, 3rd edition; WJ = Woodcock-Johnson Psycho-Educational Test Battery-Revised or Bateria Woodcock-Munoz Pruebas de Aprovechamiento-Revisada; Letter-R = Letter-R Examiner Rating Scale.
Table 1 Participant Demographics Participant CA Gender Ethnicity Diagnosis PPVT raw and IQ (standard) scores ELK 11-4 F C Autism 40 (40) 36a YER 17-2 M AA MR 20 (40) 63b BRG 19-0 M AA PDD 56 (40) 63b YCD 8-2 F C Autism 16 (40) 44a WDI 15-9 F AA MR 11 (40) 61b ESN 17-3 M C PDD 66 (40) 50a SSM 17-5 M C Autism 55 (40) n/a ORO 9-9 M C Autism 14 (40) n/a DVS 12-7 M C Autism 18 (40) n/a SPN 10-0 F C FAS 59 (56) 72b Note.
The WISC-RM and the PPVT were validated with Mexican-American populations; the rest of the tasks were piloted among 1st and 2nd graders in a public elementary school in Mexico City before the project began.
Babcock Story Recall, WISC Culture not addressed Block Design & Digit Span, PPVT, WRAT, Gates- MacGinitie Reading Test 8.
Read Aloud: Date: Target Words: Photos: Yes No Objects: Yes No Phase Step Procedure Teaching Actions Before Reading 1 I Say T says target word w/photo or object 2 You Say T asks children to say target word 3 I Tell T tells meaning of target word w/photo or object 4 You Tell T asks children to turn-n-tell a friend 5 * Repeat for each word During Reading 6 I Say & Tell T says & tells target words 7 You Say & Tell T asks children to say & turn-n-tell 8 I Do T uses action to help define new word 9 You Do T asks children to repeat action After Reading 10 Let's Play T invites children to play T encourages use of target words in play FIGURE 2 Pre and post standard scores on the PPVT-III by group PPVT Standard Score by Time and Group Treatment Comparison PPVT Pre-test 67.
32) TABLE 2 Pretest and Posttest Measures for Intervention and Comparison Groups Pretest Measure Intervention (a) Comparison (b) t(123) PPVT III Mean 78.
The average maternal PPVT score was in the low normal range, averaging 86 [+ or -] 21.