PPVWPlanned Parenthood Votes! Washington (Seattle, WA)
PPVWPedal Powered Vehicles Workshop (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology; Australia)
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Look under your pillows christmas morning, and you will find your guidebook," replied Mrs.
I thought I would take a walk," replied George Willard, who felt awkward and confused.
Well, it may be a joke; and yet the professor seems very much in earnest about it," replied Tom.
You had better go over and see our neighbours tomorrow, Emmaline,' he replied gravely.
Of course not; he knows you are with me," Robert replied, as he busied himself among sundry pans and covered dishes which had been left standing on the hearth.
Even so," replied the stranger, making diligent use of his triangular castor, to produce a circulation in the close air of the woods, and leaving his hearers in doubt to which of the young man's questions he responded; when, however, he had cooled his face, and recovered his breath, he continued, "I hear you are riding to William Henry; as I am journeying thitherward myself, I concluded good company would seem consistent to the wishes of both parties.