PPWSPathology Physiology and Weed Science
PPWSPoints per Weighted Shot (baskteball statistical equation)
PPWSPhnom Prich Wildlife Sanctuary (est. 1993; Cambodia)
PPWSPublic and Private Water Supply (environmental conservation; Oklahoma)
PPWSPercentage of Preferred Walking Speed (ophthalmology)
PPWSPikes Peak Watercolor Society (Colorado Springs, CO)
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For all three species, stratum-specific density estimates were higher in MPF inner core than the MPF outer core and PPWS (Table 1).
2] in the core areas of MPF and PPWS, eastern Cambodia.
The higher ungulate densities in MPF inner core are probably due to the area's remoteness and inaccessibility, and hence reduced hunting pressure, in comparison with MPF outer core and PPWS.
This suggests that ungulate populations in MPF and PPWS remain severely depressed by hunting.
The limited number of encounters with larger deer in MPF and PPWS suggests that populations of these species have been severely depressed by hunting; Wharton (1957) reported an abundance of Eld's deer throughout northern and eastern Cambodia in the 1950s.
Based on our estimates of ungulate density, it is possible to extrapolate the number of tigers which MPF and PPWS could currently support.
The blind group consistently showed the highest PPWS for the conditions with desk information, while the low vision group showed the highest PPWS for conditions with GIRLS route information (interaction between System and Visual Impairment: F(1,20) = 11.
A correlation analysis did not show any significant relationship between the preferences of the participants and the conditions under which their wayfinding performance was the best, as expressed by their PPWS (all p values .
The low vision group performed better than the blind group in all the conditions and throughout all the sessions for both the PPWS and the percentage of routes without intervention.