PPXProtein Phosphatase X (now Protein Phosphatase 4)
PPXPopSci Predictions Exchange (Popular Science feature)
PPXParallel Port Multiplexor
PPXParallel Packet Express (control/data flow)
PPXPoint to Point Switching
PPXPersonne Particulièrement Extraordinaire (French: Especially Extraordinary Person)
PPXPosture Planning Express
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Beginning in May 1967, Chalpin had begun notifying every company he could identify as doing business with Hendrix that his company PPX had previously signed the guitarist to an exclusive three year contract covering the term between October 1965 and October 1968.
The PPX is also offered in "10mm Lite" chambering, and regular readers will know that I am not a .
Users can plot all the results in the PPX version, just like in the full version of polyXtrue.
In turn PPX saw an unrecognised talent and ability in Sean and have encouraged and supported him to undertake an A levels maths examination as an entry into an physics degree, while studying the A level maths.
The Matrox SMD-2 is currently available for use with Matrox PPX Series display wall controller boards.
In Experience Hendrix LLC v PPX Enterprises, the Court of Appeal ordered PPX to pay "a reasonable sum" to compensate the claimant for the defendant's knowing and deliberate breach of contract, when the claimant would have struggled to establish any financial loss by a conventional assessment of contractual damages.
It wants Mr Justice Buckley to grant an injunction restraining future releases or licences of recordings on which Hendrix performed in any capacity - other than 33 master tapes to which it agrees PPX is entitled.
Philips Notebook pocket projector PPX 1020, which offers up to 20 lumens of brightness, can be easily connected to a PC via USB port.
PPX has a strong relationship with Fugro, a leading service provider in the collection and interpretation of geotechnical data who employs over 14,000 people in 275 offices in 50 countries.
Azdel is also developing a nonconductive version with a core of Noryl PPX (PPO-modified PP).
PPX is inviting investors to participate in a limited portion of the drilling program in an attempt to prove the existence of hydrocarbons in quantities that could potentially equal those of world-class giant oil fields.