PPOIPyramid Party of India
PPOIProfessional Photographers Association of Israel
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by the court in Verizon within the context of the PPOI. (83) Amici
briefs in favor of the respondents argued that the PPOI should be upheld
itself in the then-ongoing debate over the PPOI, (88) confirming that
regulations on the original Open Internet Order and the later PPOI.
The PPOI group showed higher IL-6 ratios on POD 3: 5.90 [+ or -] 9.11 than in the non-PPOI group: 2.44 [+ or -] 3.84 (Figure 1).
Both leucocytes and CRP were higher in the PPOI group, but there were no significantly differences between non-PPOI and PPOI groups at any time point (Figure 2).
In the PPOI group, a significantly higher percentage of anastomotic leakage was seen, 38.5% (5/13) versus 3.0% (1/33) in the non-PPOI group, p = 0.005.
Different from the PPOI patients, patients with the infectious complications had significantly higher IL-6 ratios and CRP levels on POD 1 and POD 3 (p < 0.05, respectively, Figure 3(a)), while the leucocyte count, though also higher, was not significantly different from patients without infectious complications, Figure 3(c).
b) Trisomy X (47 XXX)--usually does not cause particular problems, but in some cases PPOI appears(15).
c) Fragile X chromosome--expansion of trinucleotide tandem repeat CGG at the 5'UTR region of the FMR 1 gene (Xq27.3) was found in some PPOI cases.
PPOI; lack of concentration/attention and other psychological changes; and neurologic disorders (tremor, ataxia, Parkinson's disease).
Hegerman et al.(21) indicated the association of PPOI with tremor, ataxia and Parkinson's disease, which could be one more proof of the important role of sex steroids in the brain.