PPoRPrincipal Place of Residence
PPoRPer Pupil Operating Revenue
PPoRPotential Places of Refuge (Alaska)
PPoRPost Proof or Retract (message boards)
PPoRProvide Proof or Retract (message boards)
PPoRPsychological Power Operated Robots (Key the Metal Idol)
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Another reason commonly given for filing a PPOR is to dispute the definitions that the petitioner is seeking to apply to the claim terms.
Congress has already mandated a study of the implications of this future change in the retirement age for workers who may be in ppor health or who may be unable to work because of physically demanding work.
It was also a helluva relief to hear that superstar Sprinter Sacre was okay after his ppor run in the Champion.
ppor Regulators knew about the mistakes in 2010 yet it's taken another three years for action - during which time problems continued.
SUPP PP PPOR ORT SUPPORT J Dame Anne Begg wants blue badges respected room to set up their
SUPPORT ACT J Celtic fans travelled to Norwich in numbers SU SU SU SU SU SUPP PP PP PP PP PP PPOR OR OR OR OR OR ORT AC AC AC AC AC ACT J C l el el el el el i ti ti ti ti tic fa fa fa fans ns ns tra ra rave ve vell ll ll ll d ed ed ed to No Norw rwic ich in numbers FAMILY MAN J Teams pay tribute to Drury FA FAMI MILY LY LY MAN AN AN Tea ea eams ms ms pay ay ay t i ri ri ri ribu bu bu bute te te te te to Dr Dr Dr Dr Drur ur ur ur ury VAUGHAN THE WAY TO VICTORY n Canaries ace James smashes the opener past Celtic keeper Forster
GE GETT TTIN ING an opp ppor ortu tuni nity ty GETTING an opportunity to play alongside Tyrone idols Stephen O'Neill rookie season been dream Conor McAliskey.
actor fo Down Fellowe Bonnev Mc M Gove dr d ama thanki su s ppor He sp s ottin an a d w th t ey'v pi p cs.
su supp ppor orte ters rs, my myse self lf lf lf a d nd nd supporters, myself and my family proud.
g mission su s ppor in i credi my m ha h v He said: "This organisation, its mission and its supporters are incredibly dear to my heart.