PQBPrograma Qualidade Bahia (Brasil)
PQBParallel Quantitative Biology (Panomics, Inc.; Fremont, CA)
PQBProgram in Quantitative Biology (University of California, San Francisco)
PQBPrimary Qualified Beneficiary (COBRA)
PQBPrequalifying Business
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Genospectra's PQB initiative is focused on creating novel cell-based assays and tools that enable multiplex measurements of molecular events, such as intracellular pathway analysis, in a quantitative and scalable manner.
We are convinced that when united with our PQB initiative, the combined entity will be well positioned for rapid growth since it will serve a wide range of customers in both academic and for-profit end markets.
Frank Witney, CEO of Genospectra added, "The Express Delivery product line is both a landmark area for Genospectra and a important product line for our PQB strategy in cell-based assays.