PQDPulsed-Q Dissociation
PQDPrograma de Qualificação de Docentes (Portugese)
PQDPresse Quotidienne Départementale (French)
PQDPower Quality Devices
PQDPhilosophical Question of the Day (blog)
PQDParole Qualifying Date (UK)
PQDPhotoluminescence Quenching Device
PQDProgramme de la Qualification à la Direction d'école (French)
PQDPower Quality Directive
PQDPolice Quartering Division (Hong Kong)
PQDProject Quality Design
PQDPrograma de Qualidade em Dosimetria (Portugese)
PQDPériode de Questions Dirigées (French)
PQDParabolic Quantum Dots
PQDPower Quality Disturbance/Distortion
PQDPersonal Qualification Data
PQDPrescribed Quantities (Ranges) Directive
PQDPet Quality Dog (dog breeding)
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En el presente articulo se estudia como se afecta la prima de dos riesgos, con dependencia positiva PQD o negativa NQD, usando algunos modelos de copulas arquimedianas.
Esta condicion se denomina dependencia PQD, y se estudia en la siguiente seccion.
The six typical-student norm items were as follows: PQD of (a) typical student, (b) typical male student, and (c) typical female student; and PFD of (a) typical student, (b) typical male student, and (c) typical female student.
A problem with this theory is that `brown' or `round' can be PQDs since they are neither properties of deficiency, lack or defect, nor appearances of such, and can be present in a very high degree.
Second, PQD in purchasing and its advantages to suppliers and buyers is reviewed.
Thus, with positive dependence defined as PQD, the intuition holds that, if Y and Z are positively dependent and (X, Z) are more positively dependent than (Y, Z), then X and Z are positively dependent.
On PQD, a search for "supply chai n" limited to the past few years revealed, in the No.
ae before 21 April 2013 and arrange for the collection of the PQD by 25 April from: Tourism Development and Investment Company, Behind Khalifa Park, Eastern Ring Road (Sheikh Zayed Road), Abu Dhabi.
I've elected to highlight interfaces--yes, there are more than one, different strokes for different folks--provide an overview of PQD content, and describe some of the valuable search features from the perspective of just one searcher.
ae before Monday 11 March, 2013 and arrange for the collection of the PQD by Thursday 14 March, 2013 from: TDIC, behind Khalifa Park, Sheikh Zayed Street, Abu Dhabi.
Contractors who meet the criteria have been taught to enlist their interest by Thursday 24th February 2011 and arrange the accumulation of the PQD by Tuesday 1st March 2011.