PQDTProQuest Dissertations and Theses
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We look forward to further functionality being developed for the PQDT platform that will enable verification by the student's degree-granting institution.
The ORCID will also provide a new precision search option for the researchers who rely on PQDT Global for finding cutting-edge research, important supplemental material like data sets and long-form versions of research that is often shortened when published as journal articles.
Digital discovery of the works from University College London, University of Aberdeen, Cardiff University, University of Leicester, University of Bath and University of Valencia will be through the universities' institutional repositories (IRs) and in the fourth quarter of 2013, through PQDT Global, a new resource for search and discovery of graduate works in emerging research areas from the world's top universities.
Works from authors who request broad distribution will be accessible through PQDT Global when that resource launches later this year.
This year also marks a major milestone for the PQDT database as it now has more than 900,000 PDF's of dissertations and theses in the database.