PQFPratchett Quote File (website; author Terry Pratchett)
PQFPremium Quality Finishing (TMK; Russia)
PQFPolyphase Quadrature Filter (signal processing)
PQFPrefix Query Format (computing)
PQFPrice Quote Facility
PQFPortable Questionnaire Format (online questionnaires)
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This PQF program promises to bridge a major knowledge gap in the rapidly evolving prenatal testing field.
Named after one of The Kinks' biggest hits, the Autumn Almanac event on Friday, November 27, from 6pm to midnight, and Saturday, November 28, from 11am to 11pm will, says Paul Hart of the PQF, see bands from the mod, ska, northern soul and alternative genres travel to Redcar from across the UK.
Both nights will be recorded and later released on CD and download by PQF music.
We are thrilled to help PQF kick off this important program.
The new campaign will be based on similar PQF initiatives, including its nuchal translucency program to improve quality assessment of fetal abnormalities.
No more PSOs will complete this award, although many will undertake the new awards offered by the PQF.