PQFNPower Quad Flat Pack No-Lead
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The IRFHE4250D features IR's latest generation silicon and expands the power block packaging platform with a 6 x 6mm PQFN package with exposed top and slim profile for backside mounting that combined with excellent thermal performance, low on-state resistance (RDS(ON)) and gate charge (Qg) delivers superior power density and lower switching losses to shrink PCB size and improve overall system efficiency.
The first action involved the design of a standoff to support the PQFN part during reflow.
3mm PQFN packages that feature an environmentally friendly, lead-free and RoHS compliant bill of materials.
A recent customer was using a PQFN package in an automotive application, and was experiencing stray voltage failures in the Z15 area where this package was located.
The IR3894 and IR3895 SupIRBuck voltage regulators and trackers integrate IR's latest generation high performance controller with power MOSFETs in a slim PQFN 5x6mm package, and deliver 12A and 16A output current respectively to achieve more than 96% peak efficiency.
The single channel IR4301M and dual channel IR4302M offer the flexibility and convenience of building stereo amplifier and multi-channel designs in various channel configurations, while the devices' 5x6 mm and 7x7 mm PQFN packages enhance the benefit of utilizing a smaller size of Class D topology.
International Rectifier, IR, a world leader in power management technology, today announced the introduction of the IRFH4257D FastIRFET dual power MOSFET housed in a high performance 4x5 PQFN power block package.
9mm PQFN package, the oIPM family comprises a series of fully integrated 3-phase surface-mount motor control circuit solutions.
It is available in a high-performance PQFN package that can save up to 50 percent of board space, critical in space-constrained applications.
3mm PQFN Form Factor Saves up to 66 Percent Board Space, High Performance Silicon Delivers Lowest R DS(ON)
The IRFH7185TRPbF is qualified to industrial grade and moisture sensitivity level 1 (MSL1), and is available in an industry standard 5x6 PQFN package that features an environmentally friendly, lead-free and RoHS compliant bill of materials.
Providing better efficiency with over 1MHz switching frequency, increased maximum load current, and greater power density, the Gen III DrMOS series achieves efficiency standards targets while providing up to 60A per phase in a 6x6mm2 PQFN package.