PQIPPerinatal Quality Improvement Panel (California)
PQIPPhoto-Quality Inkjet Paper
PQIPPork Quality Improvement Process (New Zealand)
PQIPPortuguese Quality Indicator Project
PQIPPhysician Quality Incentive Program (Blue Cross of California)
PQIPPharmacist Quality Improvement Project (Washington)
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medical director, CMH Authority of Clinton-Eaton- Ingham Counties, and Michigan PQIP Psychiatric Consultant, states, "The PQIP provides a valuable tool on both a large scale, statewide view of medication prescription patterns, and also a small, provider-specific level to improve the rational use of psychotropic and narcotic medications.
An impact analysis was performed comparing claims cost before and after a PQIP intervention between May 2005 and January 2006.
The PQIP process begins with a review by CNS of Medicaid patient pharmacy claims data to identify prescribing and utilization trends for mental health and psychotropic medications.