PQLPenalized Quasi-Likelihood
PQLPractical Quantitation Limits
PQLProgram Query Language
PQLPractical Quantitation Level
PQLProduct Quality Level
PQLPractical Qualification Level
PQLPriority Quality Level (Datum)
PQLPublic Query Language
PQLPartial Quality Leadership
PQLPublisher Query Language
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The PQL software (PROC GLIMMIX) we used did not provide standard errors for the estimate of [[sigma].
The PQL estimation bias was similar to the results of the vessel effects only simulation (not shown for Atlantic cod) when [l.
This procedure would be fairly straightforward with a PQL approach but more difficult with marginal MLE.
One possible remedy for the smallest of publishers may be Abebooks, on which a publisher can set up as a bookseller and sell directly to the public, and we do just that, but so far PQL sales on Abebooks do not come up to matching the $25-a-month title listing fee.
Suppose that the PQL for an accelerated life test of the VLSI circuits is given by 32 hours to failure and that the CQL is 25 hours to failure.
Philips Medical System - PQL - 2007 ECG & Cardiac Monitoring Product Quality Leadership Award
The second recommendation came from PQL Research who announced the "launch of PQL Green - a new service highlighting socially and environmentally responsible small and emerging companies.
Pink Sheets: HDIA), the California-based manufacturer of appetite suppression products made from the Hoodia gordonii plant, today announced that the company has been profiled by PQL Research editor Tim Fostik.
has not compensated PQL Research in any capacity for this profile, although the company may elect to engage Fostik's assistance in other business activities.
EPA is presently looking at replacing PQLs with reliable quantitation levels (RQLs).