PQLIPhysical Quality of Life Index
PQLIProduct Quality Lifecycle Implementation (International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering)
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The scores on PQLI were calculated for physical impact (8 items), psychosocial impact (15 items) and total scale scores (23 items) on a scale of 0-100 where 0 was considered as worst quality of life and higher psychosocial morbidity and 100 considered as excellent quality of life and nil psychosocial morbidity.
33% parents The "Fisher Exact test" showed no significant difference between the psychosocial impact and Health related Quality of Life according to PQLI parent report (p=1).
In this study, 88% both male and female reported PQLI score < 80.
Many international organizations regularly provide specific composite indexes based on structural indicators: Lisbon Review and Lisbon Scorecard indexes of performance in seeking Lisbon goals, HDI, HPI, GDI, SII, PQLI.
However, the putative foundation of their analyses modeling change in the PQLI composite measure is flawed because while they estimate reliability coefficients for their measures at time 1 and time 2, they do not estimate reliabilities for their actual dependent variable--the change in the PQLI composite between time 1 and time 2.
They are issues of special significance for this research literature, which relies upon composite measures of national development such as the PQLI (Hlavacek, 1998; Hytrek, 2001;Tikson, 2000), the Life Quality Index (LQI--Lind, 1996, 2004; Pandey and Nathwani, 1996), and the Human Development Index (HDI--Lai, 2000; Lind, 1992; Streeten, 1995; UNDP, 2003), as well as assessments of relationships generally between economic and social development on the national level (e.
ISP70 and LEB70) are two of three components utilized in the construction of the PQLI composite employed by Newman and Thompson.
Thus a country with a low PQLI and a high GNP concentrates its wealth and rises in living standards among a small minority of its people.
7) ICH Q10 is a model for a Pharmaceutical Quality System (PQS) that can be implemented throughout the different stages of a whole PQLI.