PQMDPartnership for Quality Medical Donations
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Haitian officials say PQMD member organizations have played a key role in the nation's relief efforts the past six months, particularly when it comes to providing necessary medical equipment and educating local health care providers.
Government leaders and PQMD member organizations warn that hundreds of thousands of people are still at risk from major health complications related to living in camps and other substandard conditions around the country.
For individuals and corporations who want to give, PQMD recommends donors look for an organization with pharmacological experience, established relationships with government officials or non-governmental organizations and a strong field presence.
PQMD members are committed to raising medical donation standards, promoting effective donation practices and informing policy makers and the general public on the donation process.
Mapping Private Aid Flows: PQMD has commissioned Loma Linda University's Director of Geoinformatics Studies Seth Wiafe to develop a GPS-based mapping system that, when fully operational, will locate every clinic, medical warehouse and facility or equipment important in an emergency.
Wiafe, "and the PQMD project is the most ambitious project in the health field, due to the unprecedented number of leading humanitarian agencies and donors of medicines, medical supplies and equipment involved.
Growth of Private Medical Donations: Also at the meeting, PQMD reported that its members' donations more than doubled in 2004, reaching $3.