PQMLPoisson Quasi-Maximum-Likelihood
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062) Fixed effect for source Volume Volume Volume Publication-year x citation-year Yes No No time effects Journal-specific quadratic age Yes Yes No profile Lagged citations No No Yes Notes: Results from Wooldridge's (1999) PQML procedure.
Because the recycling variable is also integer and suffers from under-dispersion the PQML is appropriate here also.
As we believe our model meets this requirement, we use the fixed effects PQML estimator to produce our baseline results.
The Company's PQML #5 (NRI - 39%) and PQML #7 (NRI - 38%) wells in Pawnee County achieved maximum 24 hour gross daily rates of 451 Boe (73% oil) and 227 Boe (67 % oil), respectively.