PQNPresse Quotidienne Nationale (French: French National Daily Press; France)
PQNPrint Quantity Needed (on-demand printing)
PQNPedestrian Quality Needs (Walk Europe)
PQNPrincipal Quantum Number (atomic physics)
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Tenders are invited for Repair to platform surfacing water booths FOB Booking counters Enquiry booth circulating area etc at PF no 1 2 &3 on PRG station Repair to staff quarters at PRG PFM KHNM PQN and JPD & Repair to hand pumps at various level Xingas colonies and Platforms in the section of SSE/W/PRG under ADEN/PRG.
5 turnouts at MWP KEPR HRPG SHNG MFKA AHZ RMC ARP PFM PRG BYHA URPR SYC THW LGO KHNM PQN UCR JPD LMN & KDF stations in the jurisdiction of Sr.
Hayward's combined technical and management skills are especially important since PQN provides a consummate business-to-business product and service acquisition system.