PQNPresse Quotidienne Nationale (French: French National Daily Press; France)
PQNPrint Quantity Needed (on-demand printing)
PQNPedestrian Quality Needs (Walk Europe)
PQNPrincipal Quantum Number (atomic physics)
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Tenders are invited for Construction of hexagonal shaped garden hut at PQN.
Tenders are invited for Repair to platform surfacing water booths FOB Booking counters Enquiry booth circulating area etc at PF no 1 2 &3 on PRG station Repair to staff quarters at PRG PFM KHNM PQN and JPD & Repair to hand pumps at various level Xingas colonies and Platforms in the section of SSE/W/PRG under ADEN/PRG.
5 turnouts at MWP KEPR HRPG SHNG MFKA AHZ RMC ARP PFM PRG BYHA URPR SYC THW LGO KHNM PQN UCR JPD LMN & KDF stations in the jurisdiction of Sr.