PQRProcedure Qualification Record
PQRProgram Quality Review (educational institution assessment)
PQRPersonnel Qualification Record
PQRProduct Quality Report
PQRPost Qualification Review
PQRPrograma de Qualidade em Radioterapia (Portugese)
PQRPrice Quote Facility
PQRProduction Qualification Round
PQRPatent and Quality Review
PQRProblem, Question, Request
PQRPerformance Qualification Report
PQRPre Qualification Request (Alberta, Canada)
PQRPath Quality Report (computer networking)
PQRPart Qualification Requirements
PQRPower Quality Recorder
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The ITC wants PQR to make up about three quarters of annual payments, with the rest made up of the flat payments.
The PQR goes far beyond the sensitivity and resolution measurements that have been the most common reference points for evaluating camera performance.
The PQRs wear dark green caps while Civil Defence Razkars use dark navy blue caps.
Under the unified process, a medical practitioner who fulfilled the PQR in one emirate and wants move to another healthcare facility in another emirate can apply for a licence in that emirate without having to re-sit the examination.
To ensure the foolproof security for the central Chehlum procession the special branch of police, Elite Forces, Punjab constabulary, Ladies police, PQR Rangers and the members of peace committee would perform duty.
So you can work along with me as I set up the analyses, I suggest you download the model budget I prepared (see exhibit 1, page 39) for PQR Co.
PQR enables comparison of the performance of one general-purpose camera with similar types of cameras.
NEW YORK -- CTPartners (NYSE MKT:CTP), a leading executive search firm, today announced that it has launched a digital business magazine PQR, which stands forPerformance, Quality and Results.
To provide protection to processions of Shia and Sunni sects, services of Civil Defense, PQR and hundreds of volunteers belonging to different organizations have been hired and training are being provided to them to maintain law and order during the Muharram.
There are several major changes for health personnel and 13 new positions added to the PQR.
HemoGenix[R] announced today that FDA CBER has given HemoGenix[R] its first Master File Number for an in vitro blood stem cell potency, quality and release assay ( HALO[R]-96 PQR )( (1)) for cellular therapy products((2)) used for stem cell transplantation purposes.