PQRProcedure Qualification Record
PQRProgram Quality Review (educational institution assessment)
PQRPersonnel Qualification Record
PQRProduct Quality Report
PQRPost Qualification Review
PQRPrograma de Qualidade em Radioterapia (Portugese)
PQRPrice Quote Facility
PQRProduction Qualification Round
PQRPatent and Quality Review
PQRProblem, Question, Request
PQRPerformance Qualification Report
PQRPre Qualification Request (Alberta, Canada)
PQRPath Quality Report (computer networking)
PQRPart Qualification Requirements
PQRPower Quality Recorder
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According to an official release issued here a citizen of Peshawar lodged a complained with IGP Khyber Pakhtunkhwa wherein he alleged that the DSP PQR Muhammad Nawaz was involved in misuse of powers and illegal activities.
There is no vendor rating system presently in order at PQR coffee company and thus a suitable, easy to comprehend and yet simple in nature vendor rating model based on decision matrix is proposed for existing vendors.
HALO-96 PQR is the first test that actually quantitatively characterizes and defines the stem cells in cord blood, mobilized peripheral blood or bone marrow as high quality and potent "active ingredients" for release prior to transplantation.
The ITC wants PQR to make up about three quarters of annual payments, with the rest made up of the flat payments.
The PQR goes far beyond the sensitivity and resolution measurements that have been the most common reference points for evaluating camera performance.
We launched PQR as a hard-copy magazine in 2007 and are pleased to have redesigned it in a digital format.
In this case, the applicant can contact the focal person of his/her university asking for entry of the programme in PQR.
9 Unit, PQR local voluneers, Excise and Taxation, Wild life Department volunteers, ladies police, lady health workers and a tear gas squad will be on duty.
Demonstrating HAAD's commitment to developing quality workforce, the PQR requirements and efficiency standards are reviewed and updated every two years.
So you can work along with me as I set up the analyses, I suggest you download the model budget I prepared (see exhibit 1, page 39) for PQR Co.
PQR enables comparison of the performance of one general-purpose camera with similar types of cameras.