PQVProgram Quality Verification (US OSHA)
PQVPocket Quick View (software)
PQVPersonal Qualifying Volume
PQVPaired Quadrat Variance (spatial patterns)
PQVPaper Qualified Vision (Jordan)
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Expanded collaboration follows silicon success of 14-nm FinFET PQV containing Synopsys DesignWare Logic Library IP and utilizing StarRC parasitic extraction tool
The PQV provides additional silicon data, enabling UMC to further tune its 14-nm FinFET process for optimal power, performance and area.
The PQV offers the ability to defect even the tiniest defects across the entire web.
Also available is the Guardian PQV Mini, which the company describes as an economical, modular vision inspection system.
As a result of our PQV test chip design project, we have successfully used Synopsys' Galaxy Implementation Platform in our 28-nanometer process, including capabilities for hierarchical low power implementation, routing rules and manufacturing compliance.
just some of the some or the specific press issues the Guardian PQV was designed to detect include missing, extra, filled-in, broken .
PC Industries introduced the next generation of defect roll mapping software for its Guardian PQV 100 percent print inspection systems.
PC Industries is showcasing the Guardian PQV 100 percent Print Defect Detection System and the Guardian OLP Off-line PDF Proofing System.
The Guardian PQV systems provide inspection of print quality, measurement and gauging, bar code grading, variable information, and color variation.
PC Industries is displaying both the Guardian OLP off-line PDF proofing system and the Guardian PQV 100 percent print defect detection system.